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Life Insurance

Protecting your family is always high on your list, however, not everyone concerns themselves with Life Insurance, But, we can change all that with Low Cost, Affordable Life Insurance.

There are two main types of Life Insurance –

Term Life offers protection for a specified period of time and has no accumulated cash value. Should you die within the policy term, your beneficiary will receive the stated policy's amount of coverage.

Cash Value Life protects you for your entire life, provided you pay the premiums, but it also builds cash value, which increases the amount of money your beneficiaries receive upon death.

Cash Value includes other Insurance types such as Whole Life, Universal Life and Variable Life.

Whole Life gives you the assurance of fixed premiums while you build cash value. Whole Life allows you to withdraw cash or take out a loan, but it will reduce the death benefits if you do so.

Universal Life offers greater flexibility than term or Whole Life. Universal Life allows you to increase or decrease your death benefits by premium payment adjustments. Universal Life may allow you to skip payments, which reduces death benefits.

Variable Life invests your premiums with your choice of investment funds, All of these Cash Value Life Policies do not guarantee returns.

Concerns on which to choose are usually determined by your family's financing. If you have children and your spouse doesn't work, Term Life can provide living and college expenses. Term Life can help pay off the mortgage and other debts, if you die. Cash Value Life can increase the money your beneficiary receives which can pay funeral costs and estate taxes.

A medical exam is usually required. Medical exams can be waived by paying a higher premium. Smokers pay more for life insurance. Your age is another factor, older individuals pay a higher premium.

Life Insurance is purely Financial Protection for your family. To better understand the complexities of purchasing Life Insurance you should talk with a Life Insurance Agent/Broker who can suggest the proper coverage for you and your family.

Types of Insurance

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Types of Insurance

Business Insurance
  • BOP Policy
  • Business Interruption
  • Commercial Auto
  • Contractor Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • General Liability
  • Group Health
  • Key Person
  • Professional Liability
  • Property And Casualty
  • Workers Compensation
Vehicle Insurance
  • Boats
  • Car/Trucks/SUVs
  • Classics/Collectors
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs
Home And Property Insurance
  • Condo/Coop
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Home
  • Renters
Life Insurance
  • Term Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Life
  • Whole Life
Health Insurance
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Long Term Care
Miscellaneous Insurance
  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Valuables