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Health Insurance

INSRateQuoters will link you to various Health Insurance Company Agents/Brokers for quotes, but understand this - the questions on the quote information forms vary so much from Carrier to Carrier that rate comparison becomes difficult.

We now have the Federal Government intervening and the States dictating insurance carrier requirements and that complicates it even further. Remember, only you know what coverage you need, so it's important to talk with a Professional Health Insurance Agent/Broker in your Local Area. Go through the procedure of completing the forms, so you can gain more information and receive quotes, but only Agents/Brokers can save you money, because they shop your application to their Carriers for the lowest quote.

The following information is generalized to give you an understanding of the Health Insurance Programs that are available:

Cobra - (Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act) - This Federal law enables workers to keep their group health coverage if they leave their employment, provided they pay the full premium and an administrative fee for handling the account. It generally lasts for about 18 months and only applies to companies with 20 or more employees. It's expensive!

HIPPA - (Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act). This law protects employees when changing group health plans. It prohibits the new carrier from excluding coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

Individual Insurance

These plans are a little more expensive than Group Plans, however they can be tailored to your specific coverage needs; that's why you need help from an Agent/Broker who specializes in Health Insurance. INSRateQuoters links you directly to these professionals who are located in your area.

There are several types of health insurance plans available for individuals and for group health coverage.

FFS (Fee for Service Plans). You can choose your doctor and hospital and you can See any specialist without getting permission from your primary care doctor. There is a deductible before they pay and they generally pay about 80%.

PPO - (Preferred Provider Organization). They require a Co-Payment for office visits, but you are required to stay within the group's network of practitioners. If you go outside their network, they increase the Co Pay. Co Pay's are usually 10 - $30.

HMO - (Health Maintenance Organizations) - They are the least expensive but they are not as flexible as the other plans. There is a Network of Physicians & Hospitals and its Huge.

Co Pays are low, but you must choose a primary care physician from their network. You need a referral from your primary care doctor to See a Specialist, you also have to use a lab from their Network.

POS - (Point of Service) This plan is better than an HMO, but you must select your primary care physician who is in their network. You can go outside their network, by paying a larger Co Payment.

There is good reasoning to choose an Agent/Broker who specializes in Health Insurance AND is "Local" because they can usually advise you on the Co Pay requirements and if your doctor is the Network.

Group Health Insurance

INSRateQuoters can service your Company or Association. A Local Professional Health Insurance Consultant can provide you with Various Group Health Plans tailored to meet your Company's Needs and Requirements. Just enter the Zip Code in which your Business is located and enter health Insurance. You are automatically transferred to a page where you can select Group Health Insurance. Once you check this box, you are automatically presented with several Health Insurance Carrier Agents/Brokers who specialize in Group Health and who are located in your zip code area. Just click on your selection from the Display of Agents/Brokers and you will be contacted by email, fax or text. If the Agent/Broker displays the Live Video Connector icon, you can be connected for a Live Video Conference. Of course you can request a personal visit but a Live Video Computer Connection will answer all your concerns and questions.

Medicare - This government program covers people who are 65 or older and are eligible.

Medicaid - This program is for low income families with children and for poor individuals.

Dental Insurance

There are few Dental Insurance Plans that offer genuine insurance. Don't confuse them with Dental Discount Plans which only offer services at a discount or Direct Reimbursement Plans which are employer plans whereby the employer reimburses you for part of the cost.

Dental PPO Plans are basically a Network of Dentists who provide discount services. The Dentists are paid by the Insurance Company on a Fee for Service Basis.

Dental HMO Plans also require you to use a dentist who belongs to their network. You pay a monthly premium. Dentists receive a fixed amount for service to the patient, it's not based on the amount of dental work, just a flat fee.

Check the Plan thoroughly to know exactly what work is covered and for how much. It's your decision as to its value. Perhaps the plans force dentists to work for more legitimate fees, but check them out.

LTC - Long Term Care Insurance

To be eligible for Long Term Care, a couple of these conditions must exist to receive coverage:

Problems Eating, toileting, getting in or out of bed, getting dressed, continence and bathing. If the insured requires assistance in maintaining personal care, they may be eligible for a variety of services, such as:

Assisted Living Care, which provides housing and personal care.

Day Care, which provides personal care.

Facility Care Service which provides licensed professional care such as nursing care, physical therapy or health care aides.

Nursing Facilities are daily medical housing facilities which can accommodate patients for short rehab periods or for longer periods of time for more complicated matters.

Some policies have a minimum time period of facility care before paying the nursing home fees; check to see if and when premiums are no longer required.

Long Term Care Insurance can be a great service, but make sure you talk with your Local Insurance Carrier Representative so you thoroughly understand the coverage.

Disability Insurance

Many Companies offer Disability Insurance and some States require it. In some States the employer deducts it from the employee's wages and its sent to the State. If you are injured, your claim is to the State. You can obtain Individual Disability Insurance. Ask you Local Agent/Broker for guidance.

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