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InsRateQuotes is a Fast & Free Service to help you find the most affordable rates on any type of Insurance. There is No Obligation to Buy Anything. You'll receive quotes directly from insurance company Computerized Rating Systems by email within minutes.

INSRate Quotes is a Nationwide Service representing all the major Insurance Carriers. We list all the Insurance Companies registered to operate in your State along with Local Agents and Brokers from your Zip Code Area who represent the Carriers.

Insurance Rate Discounts

Our Local Agents and Brokers are authorized to provide Discounted Insurance. You may be eligible for one or more discounts, so ask about these discounts -

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Claims Free - Safe Drivers can Save up to 10% and more.

Multi Car - Two or More Vehicles - Save using One Policy.

Military/Veterans - We honor Your Service!

Home/Condo Owners - Combine with Vehicles and Save Money.

Good Drivers - No Moving Violations usually earns a Discount.

Vehicle Safety - Anti theft, Anti Lock Brakes, Daylights, New Vehicles.

There's More - Married/Family, Good Student Grades and Good Credit are sometimes considered; some even discount just to get you to Switch Insurance Companies, but most offer 10% off for full premium payment.

There are many ways to Lower Your Insurance Costs that only an Agent/Broker can control, such as increasing your deductible, decreasing your limits, combining home owner, renters or business policies, etc.

Remember - Talk with a Local Agent/Broker & Save Money!

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